We met Zachary Skinner & Madeleine Platts at Asia Open West Coast Swing 2019 in Singapore. We learnt so much from them and from the West Coast Swing community in Australia. We had to share their last routine (they won in Swingsation in classic division) and they will present it at US Open 2019. To follow them :On facebook : MacZaddy, on Youtube : ZaddyWCSRead More →

During Volcano Swing Clermont, we ask a few questions to Michael ! How did you start dancing ? Michael : I began dancing around 3 or 4 years old. between this time I was mostly learning the basics of different styles : wcs, latin, ballroom, and I was taking social dance classes too. I was very busy because I was also doing sports, so with both sports and dancing I grew up practicing different styles of movement. I started with the basics and with a lot of hard work, I progressed to the intermediate and advanced levels, Middle School and High School were the periodsRead More →