Take a look at the Asia West Coast Swing Open 2019! It took place in 18 to 21 April in Singapore : a so amazing and singular city! There are a lot of huge business building along a central river. However many trees are preserved in the heart of the city. The city is very contrasted with the different districts : Chinatown, Muslim Quarter, business district… AWCSO is in Royal Park Hotel located in the center of the city close to everything you need to see. It’s a four stars hotel with a beautiful swimming pool! Ballroom is easy to access with air conditioning. NeverthelessRead More →

During Volcano Swing Clermont, we ask a few questions to Michael ! How did you start dancing ? Michael : I began dancing around 3 or 4 years old. between this time I was mostly learning the basics of different styles : wcs, latin, ballroom, and I was taking social dance classes too. I was very busy because I was also doing sports, so with both sports and dancing I grew up practicing different styles of movement. I started with the basics and with a lot of hard work, I progressed to the intermediate and advanced levels, Middle School and High School were the periodsRead More →