Go West Swing Fest takes place near Perth in the beautiful city of Fremantle, WA Australia!!!


This is the second edition, and this year it is an official WSDC event.

It’s a small and cosy event, very warmful as the Perth community. Dancers are very welcoming and kind. 

The event is located in the fabulous and typical Esplanade Fremantle hotel. Rooms have an high standing level. There is a very nice swimming pool to chill and a good restaurant.

Esplanade Fremantle hotel
Hotel’s Swimming pool
Esplanade Fremantle hotel

Dancers are welcome by very smiling volunteers. Every westie get a free bag with candies, chips, schedule, safety pins for jnj inside, very useful!

The unique main ballroom have a great dance floor and some comfortable pouffe and chairs. You can drink at the bar in the ballroom with a large choice of drinks served by a very professional hotel’s team.

Jessie Lopez & Ariel Peck are the main couple, the team is completed by Leanne Landels, Brad Whelan, Shane & Keri McIntyre Clint Glasgow and Justin Zadro.

Jessie & Ariel

There is no leveled workshops, but trainees seem to be happy with this organization.

Jessie & Ariel replace another couple who couldn’t come to the event.

There are a good surprise : there are great social dancers, great judges (they encourage people when they are judging) and awesome performers. 

There is 4 fantastic parties (pre-party on Thursday, 2 parties on Friday and Saturday night, and a special party on Sunday night that took place in Fremantle port).

Strictly novice and open on Friday night were very fun and everybody was encouraging every competitors, it impulses very good vibes during all the week-end!

Saturday night, it’s showtime. With different teams (Wcs & Zouk), classics WCS, showcase WCS. 

Diego & Jessica Perth Team
Hip-Hop class
Jessie & Ariel showcase

Saturday is also a great social party (pyjama theme).

That leads to a crazy party, with original costumes, and team work games, managed by the incredible Brad Whelan.

Brad Whelan pyjama
Saturday night game
Social dance

Advanced dancers invite dancers from all levels. In every dance school in Australia every one learn to dance with everybody, especially with beginners, this is a true value for all Australian WCS dancers! And we can feel it in Australian events! 

There were 4 divisions competing :
– newcomer (wcs)
– novice (wcs)
– novice (zouk)
– intermediate (wcs)

Intermediate, Advanced and Allstar dancers have danced in Invitational on Sunday evening, it was a true highlight! 

Next year, there will be Advanced and Allstars WSDC JnJ.

The Perth community is very supportive during competitions and there is a true sport state of mind. Ambience is relax during along the event. Dancers want to have fun and to enjoy the now!

Sunday afternoon,  awards start with higher levels and finished by novice and newcomer, the two more expected divisions. The top 3 of each division win a west Australia shaped medal and the first & second places won event passes. 

Some of trainees speak about the event :

« We love this event because it’s right in the heart of Fremantle, and this is so much going on in Fremantle, and this is just a great place to come and stay and spin the week-end and dance as the same time. And I love, the backpack we had, and all the people from France and Korea visiting us in Fremantle that was lovely. Ariel and Jessie are awesome, and chuck always good. It is really lovely to have several people from Europe. The dj and the music were great. Points to improve : Get more intermediate/advanced dancers. »

John & Paula

“Great atmosphere, people that are truely interested by each other. The hotel was so beautiful, the dancefloor was great, the location is amazing (center), sunday’s dinner with all dancers and the event team. The welcome bag, free massages.

Improvement points : Limit plastic cups, a list of restaurants around the event.

It’s an amazing event, we recommend this event, thanks to the very attractive location and the social value of the event.”

French Team

Juan Rando, the main organizer explain to us the event state of mind :

Juan Rando

« The reason why I create this event is because I really love my city and West Coast Swing is my passion. I’m very passionate to bring the international community to my city. The things we have to offer here as much as it is about the dancing. I love bringing people to this beautiful place. Definitely for me I want to create an experience for people coming in holidays. So I want to get people oversea with the Asia Open, and our event being always linked to Asia Open. We want people coming from the Asia Open from all over the world, and it is very cheap to get to Perth from Singapore. A long term is to help people come down, a couple days before, and take for a trip to wine region, and to create more holiday, and coming dance as well. That’s my will, to have a whole experience. »

Actually it’s an amazing travel to visit Singapore in 2 days and next Australia west coast at list 6 days (Perth to Albany) or 3-4 weeks if you can (the entire west coast) !


Quokka Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island
Busselton jetty
Lake Clifton thrombolites
Injidup natural Spa
Margaret River Winerie
Dolphin snorkeling in Rockingham
Greens Pool in William Bay National Park.

Best points from the events : the warmful Perth community, amazing social dances, the area!

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